Custom Spots | Summer 2024


This listing is for an upcoming CUSTOM spot!

Have an event, vacation, or holiday coming up? or simply want a bow/outfit customized for your babe?

Custom Fabric/design Options include:
- Back to School
- bow
- scrunchies
- mama bands
- wraps
- Bummies
- Peplums + sets
- SWIM + towels
- dresses
- leggings/joggers
- skirts
- custom team or birthday items
- new babe options; swaddle/hat/bow/bowtie

the $30 is non-refundable + goes towards your item(s).
(if you decide to opt out of your custom spot, you will receive a CODE for future use for $15)

4 ITEM MINIMUM / 20 item maximum

Typical orders resemble this:
Additional item (like another bow or blanket)

Once the design process is set in stone, you will receive an LINK for the remaining balance of the items you've selected (minus the $25 pre-paid here).

Discounts, codes, coupons or refunds are not applicable for this option.

when checking out with a custom spot please keep in mind:
- the month you choose is the month your item will be SENT/SHIPPED.
- example "end of October" means your item will be sent by 10/31 do not count on these arriving in advance - plan ahead
- you can secure a spot for the holidays WITHOUT knowing what you want!


To Reiterate :
Second half August ; this means your items will SHIP in the second half of August; on or before the 31. First half September ; this means your item will ship by September 15.

Please keep in mind, these spots are worked into our monthly calendar + are considered a part of monthly income projection, so taking a coveted spot + then not using it takes away from others who would have as well as throws off production + forecasting annually.

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